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Madagascar : Biodiversity victim of the political crisis

Since the beginning of the Madagascar political crisis early 2009, the biodiversity is one of the most victims sectors in Madagascar...

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Almost every day, national news-papers report about the intensive anarchy about the forest exploitation. The most exposed are the rainforest ebony and the rose wood in the North East of Madagascar. Thousand tones exploited and shipped to Tamatave, then transported to the capital or exported to other countries.
The sad history started when the political oppositions become stronger in Antananarivo, the February 2009. Ravalomanana and his government lose progressively the power and the administration control. For the bad rich operators, the Ravalomanana defeat or departure means no more government to control that means, no police and the local government was always any power because of the centralist. Then, basically all the rich economic operators in the North East of Madagascar become suddenly illegal forest exploiters.
They started first in the peripheral zone of the protected areas, but very quickly they go through the park borders and now they are operating inside the parks. The target is to cut down as much as possible the extremely rare species of the rainforest hard wood of Marojejy and Masoala National Parks in the North East of Madagascar, until the real government is set up and work properly. They are the really people benefiting the political crisis.
The process is simple, the rich local economic operators make the interesting price for the freelance small exploiters, and they buy ebony and rose wood. In the same time, they engaged illegally some young people for security by providing weapon to protect the exploiters and the stock. They need protection because the fights between exploiters can happen anytime in the forest. The ebony and rose wood business in Madagascar is now very similar with the Sapphire mine business in the south or the organized crime and for the drugs in Columbia forest in South America.
Billions Malagasy ariary (the national currency) turned in that punctual business. That environmentally disaster new business is growing proportionally with the government loosing power and control. Through the news-paper releases, some high placed persons in the government are involved actively in that highly lucrative business. In a poor country like Madagascar, a sustainable development can be seen as an utopist process even for a minister governmental member. What’s terrible situation.
It seems that, they adopted that attitude because simply, they must make enough money to fund the next phase of the political fighting which is the coming presidential propaganda campaign.
Last week, the Masoala National Park Manager, in the national TV Journal edition, he explained that they have serious problems to keep the National park under control. In the Malagasy procedure system, only the State Department of the Forest and Waters has the full authority to use the police and army if it is necessary. The park system has no power to control that crisis situation.
Because of the high level corruption in the country, the disastrous process is difficultly reversible. A very small group of people continue profiting the political crisis in front of the majority decreasing day by day. Probably, they didn’t find consensus in the second Maputo meeting last week just to get couple days delay which means millions ariary additional funding for them.


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